The Best Grip Strengthener You Can Buy in 2020

Do you want to increase your grip strength for sports like rock climbing, Jiu-Jitsu, or American football?


Today we’re going to talk about:

  • Grip strengthener benefits;
  • How to choose the best grip strengthener;
  • The best grip strengthener you can buy for your specific sporting needs.

Let’s get straight to it!


Hand Strengthener Benefits

There are many sports that require you to have a strong grip if want to excel, but the problem is that elite grip strength doesn’t come naturally to most people.

Let’s take a look at the 5 main sports that require a strong grip.


Jiu-Jitsu / MMA

best grip strengthener

8 years ago I stepped into an MMA gym for the first time. My first class was Jiu-Jitsu.

Bear in mind that I was 200lb and 13% body fat at the time, so I was pretty stacked. On the surface, I looked like one of the strongest guys in the room.

Anyway, I was matched up with a 40-year-old guy who looked about 170lbs and 15%-20% body fat. As the bigger guy, I thought to myself “I don’t want to hurt him, so I’ll go easy”.

Anyone who has trained Jiu-Jitsu before knows what happened next.

The instructor told us to start from full guard and work to pass guard. The person starting from the bottom was allowed to attempt submissions.

The buzzer went off and within 5 seconds my wrists and hips were locked up, and within 20 seconds I was tapping from a triangle choke.

Suffice to say, the 2 minute round was a very humbling experience and I’m too embarrassed to confess how many times I tapped out.


What’s the moral of the story here?

The moral is that this 170lbs 40-year-old guy had very strong grip strength. I couldn’t shake his grips off me and he used that to shut me down and set up submissions. My 30lbs-50lbs muscle advantage was rendered completely useless.

I might have looked like one of the strongest guys in the room, but I certainly didn’t have the strongest grip strength.

A huge part of Jiu-jitsu is grip control, so I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to build up your grip strength if you regularly train or compete in Jiu-Jitsu.

I’ve included MMA as well because grip strength is also very important for wrestling and clinch work.

It’s amazing how quickly you can tire out and neutralize a bigger guy (or girl) by holding him (or her) against the cage or taking them down.

A hand strengthener is a must have if you partake in MMA or Jiu-Jitsu.


Rock Climbing

best grip strengthener

Out of all the sports I’m going to talk about today, grip strength is perhaps most important for rock climbing.

Rock climbing is all about core strength and bodyweight strength. But both of those of rendered useless if you have poor grip strength.

A hand strengthener is a must have for rock climbers if you want to improve your climbing times.



best grip strengthener

I’ve talked in previous articles about workout gloves and wrist supports for bodybuilding, but grip strength is equally as important.

I recommend workout gloves and wrist supports for the first couple of years of training and for certain exercises, but you want to build your wrist and grip strength over time so you won’t need support gear.

There’s nothing more annoying than cutting your reps short because you’re losing grip.

You should purchase a hand strengthener to avoid this potential long-term problem.


Rugby / American Football

best grip strengthener

Grip strength is a very underrated training need for rugby and American football.

You need strong grip strength for catching and holding onto the ball, as well as tackling and blocking your opposing players.

Building up your grip strength with grip strengtheners can give you a competitive edge in both sports.


best grip strengthener

Basketball is very similar to ruby and American football in that you require grip strength for catching and controlling the ball.

I’d go one step further with basketball though and suggest that finger strength is also important.

Some grip strengtheners feature finger strengtheners too (which we’ll take a look at soon!).



I’ve only mentioned 5 key sports there but there are many others that grip strengtheners can be beneficial for.

Grip strength is often overlooked but if you want to gain an edge over your opponent(s) in Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Bodybuilding, Rugby, American football, or basketball, then you should seriously consider purchasing grip strengtheners.



How to Choose the Best Grip Strengthener for Your Training Needs

Now that we’ve covered some benefits let’s talk about how to choose the best grip strengtheners for your grip training needs.


Types of Grip Strengtheners

Let’s start with the 3 types of grip strengtheners.


Adjustable Grip Strengtheners

Adjustable grip strengtheners are great for beginners because you can tune them to find your perfect biting point and adjust them as you progress in strength.


Fixed Grip Strengtheners

Fixed grip strengtheners are a better option for those of you who are experienced with hand grips because their resistance levels can be higher than adjustable grip strengtheners.

For example, MummyFit Grip Strengthener (adjustable) has a maximum resistance of 154lbs, whereas Captains of Crush No.11 has a fixed resistance of 365lb.


Fixed Grip Strengtheners vs Adjustable Grip Strengtheners

In a nutshell:

  • Go with adjustable grip strengtheners if you’re just starting out or if you think you have a weak grip;
  • Go with fixed grip strengtheners if you need a stronger resistance level (and you know what level you can manage).


Finger Strengtheners

Most grip strengtheners don’t include finger strengtheners, so you need to be on the lookout for a specialized device.

Fortunately for you, I’ve already tracked down the best finger strengthener product! (Which we’ll talk about in detail soon).


Do You Need to Train Individual Fingers?

I’ve mentioned “competitive edge” a few times already but that’s what this article is about.

There’s no doubt that grip and finger strengtheners are niche products, but I think you’re here because you care about doing everything you possibly can to win.

Finger strength is often overlooked but you don’t want to make that mistake if you compete in some of the sports we talked about earlier (in particular Jiu Jitsu, basketball, or rock climbing).


The Best Grip Strengthener You Can Buy in 2020

Now that you know how grip strengtheners can benefit you and how to choose the best type to buy, let’s move on and review the best grip strengthener you can buy in 2020.

I’ll be choosing the best grip strengthener for each category (fixed, adjustable, and finger strengthener).


My Scoring Methodology

I want to explain my scoring methodology first so you know how I’ve ranked my top 5.

Many review websites rank their “best 5” or “best 10” on which products will give them the highest commission.

I like to review products based on their merits.



The first and most important score is efficiency.

Basically, how good is it for grip strength? Is it a product that will significantly improve your grip strength?



The main thing I’m looking for with design is how comfortable the grip strengthener is and whether it’s practical to use.

I could score a grip strengthener 5/5 for efficiency but if the design is poor and uncomfortable to use, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it.



Adjustability is very important to consider because you’re going to build resistance as your grip strength improves.

It would be hard for me to recommend purchasing a fixed grip strengthener with a resistance of 150lbs, for example, if it will cost you $30+ to purchase 200lbs when you need to progress.

I’ll be looking to recommend an adjustable grip strengthener with a large resistance range or cost-effective fixed grip strengthener bundles.


Consumer Reviews

I don’t like to put too much weight on consumer reviews but I still think they’re important to factor in.


Value for Money

I deliberately said “value for money” and not “price” because I think there’s a big difference.

I, of course, want to recommend the least expensive product but at the end of the day, some products are more expensive for a reason.

Value for money will be based collectively on efficiency, design, adjustability, consumer reviews, and price.

Okay, let’s crack on and review the best grip strengtheners you can buy in 2020!


#1 Best Fixed Grip Strengthener – Captains of Crush Grippers

best grip strengthener

The #1 choice will come as no surprise to those of you who already know a bit about grip strengtheners. Captains of Crush Grippers are, of course, at the top of the list.

Let’s examine why.



Let’s be clear, grip strengtheners aren’t a glamorous product and it’s impossible to reel off a list of unique selling points about them.

What you’re simply looking for is practicality and scope for progression.

Captains of Crush tick both boxes but what sets them apart for me is scope for hand strength progression, as there are 11 different levels!

But make no mistake, it’s hard to progress, so don’t expect to churn through level after level in a short time.

The scope is truly there though for you to achieve elite grip strength if you keep at it month after month. Not many grip strengthener products can make that claim.

Take a look at the video below to get a gist of the product and learn where your starting point should be.



The design is very basic but, most importantly, very effective for what you’re trying to achieve.

I also like that the handles are knurled to make it easy for your grip.

I’ve knocked a star off though because the knurled grip can cause mild calluses.



Captains of Crush Grippers are fixed in design so I’m going to have to mark it down for adjustability.

I alluded earlier to the main benefit of fixed grip strengtheners vs adjustable grip strengtheners though – there is a lot more scope for progression with fixed grip strengtheners like Captain of Crush compared to adjustable grip strengtheners.

The fact is that you’re going to have to purchase fixed grip strengtheners down the line anyway after you’ve achieved your adjustable grip strengthener potential.


Consumer Reviews

The 7 best wrist wraps you can buy

Captains of Crush Grippers are the best reviewed fixed grip strengtheners with 4.6 stars (out of 5) based on over 1,500 reviews.

Let’s take a look at what some people have said:

“I first heard about Captains of Crush hand grippers when I heard Pavel Tsatsouline talk about them in a podcast. I was intrigued, so I purchased a number 1. This product is awesome and will definitely strengthen your grip and forearm muscles. Don’t buy a cheap hand grip that you can get at a place like Target; instead, definitely get the real deal, Captains of Crush” – mfsunderland


“So – vs some of the other brand hand grippers – totally worth the extra money. It’s the “gold” standard and obvious why. Top notch.

I thought about the others before purchasing but won’t bother now that I have one of these.

I got the .5 -> it’s challenging to start with. I can close it, but only 10 times or so.

Get these if you’re serious about grip”


Value for Money

At $25.95, Captains of Crush Grippers are at the pricier end of the spectrum but in terms of value for money, I think they fully deserve 5 stars.

You’ll find that many fixed grip strengtheners are prone to breaking after a bit of use but Captains of Crush are very high quality. It’s worth investing a little extra in a product that you know will work and won’t break easily!

If you’re serious about grip strength, Captains are Crush are what you want to go for.


The Bottom Line(s)

Captains of Crush Grippers are the gold standard of hand strengtheners. You won’t find any other fixed grip strengtheners that cover so many resistance levels and are made out of such high quality.

best grip strengthener


#1 Best Adjustable Grip Strengthener – MummyFit Death Grip

best grip strengthener

MummyFit Grip Strengthener takes top spot because it’s very high quality, ideal for beginners-intermediates, and has some nice features.

Let’s examine a little further.



The MummyFit Death Grip Strengthener is excellent for building your grip strength from newbie levels. It starts at 55lbs resistance and goes up to 154lbs.

The downside of buying a fixed grip strengthener as your first purchase is that you can’t be entirely sure what level of resistance to buy.

MummyFit Death Grip Strengthener solves that problem and is, without a doubt, a great purchase if you’re buying a grip strengthener for the first time.

It’s also really useful in that you can start at a lower level to warm up before you move on to a more challenging level. Again, this is something that you can’t do with a fixed grip strengthener.



The design is fantastic.

It doesn’t make any sound when you squeeze it and it’s extremely durable.

Cheap grip products are often squeaky and need replacing before long because they’re low quality, but you won’t face either of those problems with the MummyFit Death Grip Strengthener.



The adjustability range is the main feature of this product.

The full range is:

  • 50lbs;
  • 70lbs;
  • 86lbs;
  • 101lbs;
  • 119lbs;
  • 137lbs;
  • 154lbs.

This range is perfect for steady progression as it isn’t too big of a jump between the levels.


Consumer Reviews

The MummyFit Death Grip Strengthener has a very impressive 4.5(out of 5 stars) based on roughly 500 reviews.

Let’s take a look at what some people have said:

I want to start off by saying that I’ve had many different hand strengtheners over the years. None of them were really good enough.

The cheap plastic ones were too easy. The metal ones aren’t adjustable and they start to smell after a while.

This one is honestly perfect. There isn’t one thing that I would change about it. The grip feels really firm and sturdy. It’s super super easy to adjust the hardness to stronger or weaker” – Tyler M


“It’s seriously built like a tank and will give a serious workout. It’s much more challenging than other grip strengtheners out on the market and will allow this to work for a long time. The operation is also completely silent unlike those squeaky springs in other competitors” – S.T


Value for Money

The MummyFit Death Grip Strengthener is simply a fantastic product and should be a no-brainer investment at $34.97.

You’re going to get a lot of use out of before you’ll need to move up to Captains of Crush Grippers.


The Bottom Line(s)

The MummyFit Death Grip is without a doubt the best choice for beginners-intermediates. I would highly recommend purchasing them before you eventually move up to Captains of Crush Grippers.



#1 Best Finger Strengthener – Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

best grip strengthener

If you want to strengthen your fingers you won’t find anything better than the Gripmaster Hand Exerciser.

Let’s examine why.



The 7 best wrist wraps you can buy

The device isolates each finger and features graduated resistance for you to track your progress.

You also get an exercise program included when you buy the Gripmaster Hand Exerciser to help you build finger strength.

Take a look at the video below to see how they work:

(Not a great video but it gives you an idea of how the Gripmaster works).



The Gripmaser Hand Exerciser has been designed with an ergonomic base to stop it digging uncomfortably into your hand.

Overall, it’s comfortable and very practical to use.



The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser is fixed in design so you have to purchase a suitable level. The device levels are:

  • XX-light tension (1.5lbs per finger);
  • X-light tension (3lbs per finger);
  • Light tension (5lbs per finger);
  • Medium tension (7lbs per finger);
  • Heavy tension (9lbs per finger).

I’ve knocked 3 stars off because in an ideal world you can buy one devise and progress from the bottom level to the top level, but I’ve added 1 star back on because it’s not too expensive to buy the next level up.

You’ll get a few weeks out of each level before you’ll need to purchase the next one up. It’s recommended to start XX-light tension or X-light.


Consumer Reviews

The Grip Master Hand Exerciser has a very impressive 4.4 stars (out of 5) based on over 2,000 reviews.

Let’s take a look at what some people have said:

I recently began rock climbing and was seeking to improve my grip strength on hard-to-grasp holds. After just a week of using the extra-light tension model, I could already feel an improvement in my finger and hand strength” – Miles B


“Well, this has to be about one of the best devices out there to strengthen your individual fingers. While other grip strengthening devices, like the “Captains of Crush” squeezers, will most surely improve one’s overall grip, there’s always a chance that the stronger fingers are doing most of the work, leaving the weaker ones getting a less than perfect workout. Not so with the Gripmaster” – punksterz626


Value for Money

The 7 best wrist wraps you can buy

The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser ranges from $11.15 – $14.95 (depending on which level you purchase), which I think represents very good value for money.

Considering most of you spend more than $14.95 per week on coffee or tea, I think shelling out $11.15 – $14.95 on this product would be fairly reasonable (especially if you partake in sports like Jiu Jitsu, rock climbing, or basketball).


The Bottom Line

The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser is a simple yet very effective tool for increasing your finger strength.

Finger strengthener products are very niche, but if you feel like you would benefit from improved finger strength, look no further than the Gripmaster Hand Exerciser.

best grip strengthener



Before we finish off let’s do a quick recap!

  • Grip strengtheners are great for sports like Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, rock climbing, bodybuilding, ruby, American football, and basketball;
  • The 3 different types of grip strengtheners are adjustable grip strengtheners, fixed grip strengtheners, and finger strengtheners;
  • Improving your finger strength is also important for sports like Jiu-Jitsu, basketball, and rock climbing;
  • The best fixed grip strengthener you can buy in 2020 is Captains of Crush Grippers;
  • The best adjustable grip strengthener you can buy in 2020 is the MummyFit Death Grip Strengthener;
  • The best finger strengthener you can buy in 2020 is the Gripmaster Hand Exerciser.

Thanks for reading!

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