The Ultimate Green Tea Shot Guide (Alcoholic Version & Healthy Version)

What is a Green Tea Shot?

You might be asking the same question I first asked when I came across the term green tea shot; “is it an alcoholic shot or a shot of green tea?”.

The answer is both, kind of.

I’m going to separate the article into two parts. The first part is for us health nuts and the second part is for those of you wanting to get creative with alcohol!

Let’s get straight to it!

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I’ve discussed green tea in extensive detail HERE, so I’ll just mention the headlines here. First, let’s discuss why green tea is a great brain booster and effective for fat loss.


Health Benefits

Green tea originates from Camellia Sinensis plant leaves, a plant which carries multiple benefits.


Mental Focus

Green tea contains caffeine and l-theanine. Both have been shown to improve mental focus and alertness. There’s only so many cups of coffee you can have in one day! A green tea shot is a great coffee substitute. I usually have shot around midday as a brain boost in between my morning and evening coffee.


Fat Oxidation

The level of calories burned from fatty acids instead of glucose has been shown to increase after drinking green tea. This is extremely important if you want to lose fat.


One of the reasons people struggle to lose body fat is because their body targets glucose (carbs) for energy before fats.

What you really want is for your body to burn energy from fat first instead.

Combining keto dieting with green tea is extremely effective, but if you do have a high carb diet and want to lose or maintain weight, green tea can be helpful too.


Increased Blood Flow

Increasing blood flow is very important if you want to break down stubborn fat. Fat tends to store on the bum or stomach for most people because blood flow isn’t usually very good to those areas. Increasing blood flow helps transport catecholamine hormones into your stubborn fat zones to help break them down. This is why supplementing green tea can be so beneficial for stubborn fat loss.


Raises Insulin Sensitivity Levels

The more insulin sensitive you are, the more carbohydrates you can eat without raising your insulin levels. Low insulin levels play a key role in fat gain because the lower your insulin levels are, the easier it is for your body to convert and store glucose (carbohydrates) as fat. The higher your insulin sensitivity levels are, the easier it is for your body to release fatty acids from glucose (for energy) instead of storing as fat. This is what you want to happen if you want to lose or maintain body fat. Green tea has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity levels.


Oxygen uptake

In one particular study that I’ve researched, green tea was shown to increase oxygen uptake. Drinking a shot before workouts may enable you to consume more oxygen per kg of body weight. This is great if you do cardio, as it could help you break past milestones and lose additional fat.


What’s the Best Green Tea Shot Supplement?


Brain Juice

For me, nothing comes close to Brain Juice. It features a mixture of ingredients that make it a complete (and natural) fat loss and brain boosting supplement. Let’s take a look at Brain Juice and see what puts it ahead of other fat loss and brain booster supplements.



green tea shot


Brain Juice Health Benefits


Nutrient Boost

Brain Juice contains Vitamins C, B5, B6, methyl-B12 as well as amino acids from berries and green tea extract, all of which support acetylcholine and dopamine (neurotransmitters).


Energy and Focus

Brain Juice contains Choline, L-theanine, green tea extract, acetyl-l-carnitine, and l-tyrosine. Combined, these ingredients contribute to jitter-free, antioxidant mental focus, and energy.


Natural Ingredients

Most energy supplements contain hideous, damaging ingredients. Brain Juice contains natural ingredients, all of which (together) have been shown to benefit mental energy and focus.


Green Tea Extract

It’s always better to consume extract vs bags because you want a more potent dosage. Most green tea bags contain other ingredients to make the tea taste better, so there’s a higher likelihood that the bags aren’t as potent. Companies using green tea extract in their product tend to be more focused on making sure you get enough tea for the benefits they provide.


Low Calories

Most energy supplements contain quite a lot of calories. Another thing I like about Brain Juice is the low-calorie count. If you want to lose or maintain fat, you have to be on the lookout for supplements like Brain Juice that offer benefits without hurting your diet calorie count.


Green Tea Shot Summary

One of the problems with drinking green tea bags is that you need to drink plenty of them to hit the required dosage. It’s not overly practical to drink 4 or 5 cups per day. It’s more practical and potent to supplement Brain Juice. You can time a shot before a workout or drink one if you need a brain boost for work. Brain Juice also tastes a lot better than green tea bags or extract, which are quite bitter. Also, I always talk about supplements having more than one benefit. I really like Brain Juice because it’s the best (natural) supplement I’ve found for a quick brain boost for work or as an energy drink before a workout.


Where to Buy Brain Juice?

You can purchase Brain Juice via my Amazon link HERE.



Okay, so let’s move onto the (probably more popular) shot, the alcoholic green tea cocktail version! Guess what? The alcoholic shot doesn’t actually contain any green tea! It just kind of looks like green tea.


Jameson Green Tea Shot Recipe

The shot is made up of the following ingredients:

  • Jameson whiskey (Irish) – 1/3 oz
  • Peach schnapps – 1/3 oz
  • Lemonade – a dash
  • Sour mix – 1/3 oz


How to Make a Jameson Green Tea Shot

  1. Add 1/3 oz Jameson whiskey to your shaker
  2. 1/3 oz peach schnapps to your shaker
  3. 1/3oz sours to your shaker
  4. Give it a (very) good shake
  5. Add a dash of lemonade
  6. Quick stir
  7. Pour into your shot glass



You can see a video on how to make a green tea shot here:

Okay, so that’s the complete green tea shot guide! I’ll be interested to see who google searches “green tea shot” for a healthy green tea shot vs searching for an alcoholic green tea shot. My guess is the latter, but we’ll see!

Thanks for reading!

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