The Ultimate FatCTRL Review for Weight Loss

You want to lose weight, right? FatCTRL is one of the few supplements that can have a genuine impact on weight loss.

Let’s investigate why it can be so beneficial.





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Finding a genuinely effective fat loss supplement can be difficult, right?

Many of them don’t contain the necessary dosage to impact weight loss or the ingredients they claim will “help you lose weight” don’t have solid science behind them.

FatCTRL does actually feature multiple ingredients that have been shown to impact weight loss.

Some of them only have a marginal impact, but together, they combine to make a solid weight loss supplement.

Let’s take a further look.


FatCTRL Ingredients



Chitosan may reduce cholesterol levels if you’re on a calorie deficient diet (source). It won’t shed the pounds but it can help you break past body fat plateaus.

It can be quite hard to source through natural dieting because it derives from shrimp and crab. When was the last time you ate crab?

Sphaeranthus indicus extract

Sphaeranthus indicus extract is a medical herb taken from an East Indian Globe Thistle plant.

There’s no doubt it has benefits but you’d think it’s more effective than the mandrake plant from Harry Potter based on some claims. Let’s bring it down a notch.

It’s showcased combative effects against cancer in some studies, and other studies have demonstrated noteworthy blood glucose control.

Will you lose weight supplementing sphaeranthus? Maybe you will. I’d like to see more studies though before any bold proclamations.

Garcinia mangostana

Garcinia mangostana is a medical herb taken from a tropical fruit called mangosteen.

One particular study showcased significant fat loss in subjects taking sphaeranthus indicus and garcinia mangostana as a combined supplement, compared to their placebo counterparts.

There’s also claims that it can suppress your appetite by blocking an enzyme called citrate lyase.

I won’t be singing a song on X-Factor about it until more studies have been done. It is promising though.


Green Tea Extract

Green tea can be very beneficial for weight loss. You can see my article on green tea here.


Green Bean Extract

Green bean extract contains high levels of chlorogenic acid, which has been shown to benefit weight loss.

One study featuring 30 obese subjects showcased greater weight loss for those taking chlorogenic over a 12 week period compared to their placebo counterparts.


Just How Effective is FatCTRL?

It can be a little frustrating covering fat loss supplements.

Many of them could be the second coming since sliced bread but companies tend to exaggerate claims when more research is needed.

I’d say FatCTRL escapes this pitfall. Most ingredients have proven to be somewhat effective and only a couple of them need more research.



Have you been plateauing for a while? Do you feel like you need something to get you over the edge? I think you should give FatCTRL a go.

It features 5 promising fat loss ingredients and others that at least have some general health benefits.

Will it cause dramatic weight loss? No. But it can make a marginal difference and help you break down stubborn fat.


Where to Buy FatCTRL?


You can buy FatCTRL on Amazon here (UK only).


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