The 6 Best Weight Lifting Gloves You Can Buy in 2020 (For Men & Women)

Do you get calluses from weight lifting? Does your sweaty grip hamper your deadlifts? Or do your hands hurt when you do pull-ups?

Today we’re going to go through the 6 best weight lifting gloves you can buy in 2020 so you know which glove type suits your training needs.

Let’s get straight to it!



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Do You NEED Weight Lifting Gloves?

I think this an important starting point for many of you.


I’ve been bodybuilding for 15 years and for many of them I used to shake my head whenever I saw someone wearing weight lifting gloves.

There’s a certain “tough guy” mentality that makes old-school bodybuilders look at weight lifting gloves as a sign of weakness. It took me a long time to break out of this silly mentality and realize that weight lifting gloves are very beneficial.

Take deadlifts for example. I could only get to 140kg deadlifts before my hands became too sweaty and my grip failed me.

Like a stubborn idiot, I carried on for many months at 140kg because I didn’t want to buy gloves and look “weak”.

I caved in eventually and on my first deadlift wearing gloves I instantly hit 160kg. Suffice to say, I haven’t looked back since.

The bottom line is that weight lifting gloves can be very beneficial for all types of training.

Let’s take a look at the different types of gloves you can buy in the next section and how they can benefit you.


How to Choose the Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Your Training Needs

There are several types of weight lifting gloves but I want to quickly talk about the 3 main ones before we get to the best weight lifting gloves to buy in 2020.


Weight Lifting Gloves for Bodybuilding

I want to clarify that bodybuilding is different to strength building.

The gloves you need for exercises like bench presses and dumbbell curls, for example, are different to the gloves you need for strength exercises like deadlifts and Olympic lifts.

So when I talk about gloves for bodybuilding, I’m generally referring to gloves suitable for exercises like bench presses and dumbbell curls.


Weight Lifting Gloves Benefits


Prevents Calluses

If you’re a bodybuilder, you already know that it’s virtually impossible to avoid getting calluses from training.

Exercises like wide grip pull-downs and bench presses are particularly hard on your hands.

Weight lifting gloves are a great way for you to avoid hand calluses.


Supports Your Wrists

There’s definitely an argument for avoiding wearing weight lifting gloves because you should ideally build up your wrist strength over time.

But the fact is that some of you suffer badly with wrist pain and genuinely need to wear gloves just to enable you to train.

I suggest buying gloves if you struggle with wrist pain but try to cycle off using them every once in a while so you can see if your wrist strength has improved and you no longer gloves.


Improves Your Grip

Many of you get sweaty hands at the gym and lose grip when you’re lifting heavy weights. You’re at a gym so this problem is unavoidable!

Losing your grip can really affect your muscle gains because it makes you do fewer reps. So you’re going to need to buy workout gloves for sweaty hands.


The Bottom Line(s)

Weight lifting gloves help you hit your maximum number of reps as well as ease hand and wrist pain. This makes them very beneficial for bodybuilding.


Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wraps

Weight lifting gloves with wrist wraps carry the same benefits as standard gloves but they’re especially beneficial for those of you with weak wrists.

Standard gloves are usually okay for most people but you should go with wrist wrap gloves if your main concern is wrist support.


Padded Weight Lifting Gloves

Most gym gloves come with decent padding but some definitely provide more than others.

It’s really important to purchase gloves with great padding because you want to avoid calluses and pain in your palms, which some exercises can cause.

I’ll tell you what the best padded weight lifting gloves are later in the article!


Workout Gloves with Hooks

Workout gloves with hooks are more specialized than standard gloves.

Are you a powerlifter? Or do you do lots of compound lifting? You should purchase workout gloves with hooks because they help alleviate pressure from your hands when you do heavy lifting.

It can be also be a real pain in the a** when your grip slips during deadlifts and you have to cut your reps short. Workout gloves with hooks are a great solution to this problem.



The 6 Best Weight Lifting Gloves to Buy in 2020 (for Men and Women)

I don’t want to do the conventional review tactic and just throw the 6 best-reviewed gloves at you because what’s the point in buying (well-reviewed) standard weight lifting gloves if you need hooks for powerlifting?

Let’s go with something a bit more useful instead!

The top 6 is going to feature the best gloves from each glove type because I want you to buy the best workout gloves for your particular training needs.


Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Bodybuilding (Men)

I’m going to throw you a curve ball here because the best lifting product for bodybuilding is Grip Power Pads, which technically aren’t gloves!


Grip Power Pads – $10.50

best weight lifting gloves

Grip Power Pads are small pads that provide excellent hand grip and padding for heavy lifting.

Let’s take a look at the benefits.


Grip for Sweaty hands and Smooth Surfaces

Unlike most weight lifting gloves, Grip Power Pads allow 80% of your hands to remain exposed during your workout. This enables air to reach your palms and decreases excess sweating.


Prevents Calluses

Grip Power Pads feature a “secret” texture which stops your hands sliding off the bar or dumbbell. This is great for preventing calluses, along with padding for extra protection.


More Reps

We’ve already talked about the importance of having a good grip to enable you to do more reps.

Grip Power Pads provide you with an amazingly firm grip to make sure you don’t have to cut your sets in half because your grip is sliding.


No Wrist Support

We’ve also talked about the benefits of buying gloves with wrist support but it swings both ways.

It can be counter-productive to have wrist supports because you could be preventing your wrists from building strength.

You could end up needing wrist supports for the rest of your weight lifting life because your wrist strength hasn’t progressed with your muscle strength.

Grip Power Pads are great because they provide you with a very strong grip but they don’t come with wrist supports. This means that you can build your wrist strength as you progress with your lifting.

But don’t get me wrong, you will need gym gloves with wrist supports if you struggle badly with weak wrists and/or wrist pain.


Comfortable and Sleek

We also talked earlier about those of you who are conscious about wearing workout gloves because they might decrease your gym “cred”.

Grip Power Pads are a solution to this problem because they’re sleek and barely visible. You can do your heavy lifting without worrying about the stigma of wearing workout gloves!

They’re also very comfortable to wear.


Odor Resistant

Another common problem with workout gloves is that they start to smell after a few workout sessions.

Because Grip Power Pads allow 80% air to your hands they eliminate the problem of excess sweat and odor.


Customer Reviews

Customer reviews only make up a small % of my top 6 decision making but its more than worth shouting out the sheer amount of positive reviews Grip Power Pads have.

They’re by far the best-reviewed weight lifting gloves on Amazon at an amazing 4.8 stars based on almost 2,000 reviews! It’s very rare for a product to get near 5 stars based on that many reviews.

Let’s take a look at what some people have said about Grip Power Pads:

“Exactly what I needed for the gym. I love them. They are better than any gloves I’ve ever used.”

“Awesome grips!!! I keep getting these stolen from me at the gym, that’s how great these are! The rubber is supreme quality and doesn’t wear out quickly, like other grips I have used in the past.”

“I do lots of dumbbell exercises and my hands would get slippery when I got sweaty, even though the bars had texture to them. The pads completely solve the problem and make me feel like I’ve got perfect grip and control no matter how nasty and sweaty I get.”


The Bottom Line(s)

Grip Power Pads are the best-reviewed gym gloves on Amazon with the highest number of ratings and there’s a reason for that. They’re very high quality and great for bodybuilding.

best weight lifting gloves



Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Bodybuilding (Women)


Contraband Pink Label 5137 Womens Weight Lifting Gloves – $14.99

best weight lifting gloves

Contraband Pink Label 5137 Womens Weight Lifting Gloves are the best weight lifting gloves for women because they provide a great grip, are breathable, and a very comfortable fit for women.

Let’s take a look at the benefits.



Contraband Pink Label 5137 gloves provide a better grip than most standard gloves because they use silicone rubber. This provides a high-traction surface which is ideal for gripping dumbells and barbells.



The gloves have a soft interior for comfort and feature vented mesh to make them breathable. This is great for preventing calluses and excess sweat.


Quick Removal Finger Tabs

They also feature the added bonus of removal finger tabs.

Workout gloves can be a pain the a** to take off so it’s a nice little bonus to have finger tabs to remove them easily after working out.


Customer Reviews

Contraband Pink Label 5137 gloves are (the last time I checked) the best reviewed womens weight lifting gloves on Amazon (4.4 stars based on 1200 reviews!).

Let’s see what some people have said about them:

“I love these gloves, I really do. I deadlifts, squat, and bench using these gloves and I no longer get calluses on my hands.”

“My skin was burning when using weight machines or lifting free-weights so I picked these up. They are excellent because they provide a moderate amount padding, additional grip, and are comfortable against my skin even when I’m sweating.”

best weight lifting gloves



Best Full Finger Workout Gloves (Men & Women)

I wouldn’t say full finger workout gloves have any advantages over conventional workout gloves, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the best full finger workout gloves for men and women.


Bionic Weight Lifting Gloves (Beast Mode) – $28.65 – $32.25

Best Weight Lifting Gloves

I really like these gloves because they’re stylish and have some nice features.

Let’s take a look at how they can benefit you.


Patented Pad Relief System

We’ve already talked about the pain many of you get in your palms during weight lifting. It’s a very common problem that can force you to end your lifting set early.

Bionic Weight Lifting Gloves feature strategically placed pads to ease pressure on your palms during your lifts. So they’re a great solution for those of you who suffer from palm pain during workouts.


Padding and Grip

The material for these gloves are tough and provide really great padding for protection against calluses.

The grip is okay and will do the job but I honestly think there are better glove options for grip.


Touchscreen-Friendly Technology

This is one of the nice features I alluded to earlier.

Many of you use touchscreen technology at the gym but don’t feel overly great about sweating on them.

I’d love to record my gym progress on a phone app but I take a notepad with me instead because I don’t want to get sweat on my Samsung Galaxy! I suspect you’re the same.

Bionic Weight Lifting Gloves are touchscreen-friendly so provide an easy solution to this problem.


Sweat Management

While I think there are better anti-sweat glove options, Bionic Weight Lifting Gloves do feature a Polytowel thumb so you can wipe sweat away.


The Bottom Line(s)

I think conventional workout gloves are better than full finger workout gloves because they’re more breathable and comfortable. Full finger gloves are also a bit pricier.

If you insist on going for full finger workout gloves though, Bionic Weight Lifting Gloves are your best shout.

Sizes are available for both men and women.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves



Best Lifting Gloves for Grip (Men & Women)

Most of the gloves in these categories can be used for the same types of workouts but I want to separate them because some of you might struggle with wrist pain, for example, while others might struggle with grip.

While one glove might be great for palm protection and good for grip, another glove might be good for palm protection but great for grip.

I think it’s really important to provide the best glove for each specific category so you know which glove you need to buy to solve your specific problem.

With that being said, let’s take at the best lifting gloves for grip.


Fit Active Sports Gloves – $19.95

best weight lifting gloves

I really like Fit Active Sports Gloves because they’re very versatile. They’re definitely one of my personal favourites from today’s list.

Let’s take a look at the benefits.



The gloves feature an excellent grip design which makes it great for all types of dumbbell and barbell exercises.


Palm Protection

The grip design also provides excellent protection against calluses.


Built-in Wrist Wraps

I’ve experienced many wrist wraps during boxing and they can be a real pain the a**. Fit Active Sports Gloves feature built-in wrist wraps which make them ideal for those of you struggling with wrist pain.



I also love that these gloves don’t cover your knuckles. This makes them very breathable and comfortable.


Customer Reviews

These gloves have a fantastic 4.4 stars rating based on 1,700 reviews. Let’s take a look at what some people have said about them:

“I’ve probably had 20 pairs of lifting gloves in my life. These are HANDS DOWN the best I’ve ever owned. My gloves used to be wet with sweat then stink. Now not only do my gloves stay dry and not smell but my hands are dry.”

“I train 3 hours a day 5 days a week and grip is the key to my weight training regimen. The grip on the gloves is perfect! All the other gloves I have used are bulky and do not provide the grip I need. These gloves are not bulky on the palm and really allow me to get the grip that I need to get the most out of my sets.”

“Innovative design. These gloves have excellent grip for all kinds of bars and machines.”


The Bottom Line(s)

Fit Active Sports Gloves are probably the most versatile glove on the market. They particularly excel for grip and wrist support but tick all the boxes for most types of training.

Sizes are available for both men and women.

best weight lifting gloves



Best Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wraps (Men & Women)

Non-surprisingly, Fit Active Sports Gloves are the best weight lifting gloves with wrist wraps as well.

I’m sure you don’t want me to double-up and write a review on them again though!


Best Padded Weight Lifting Gloves (Men & Women)

In this category, we’re specifically looking for the best glove for palm protection.


Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves – $16.97

best weight lifting gloves

I really like Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves for the top spot because I think they’ve put most of their design effort into comfort and protection.

Let’s take a look at the benefits.


Palm and Finger Padding

These gloves feature a thickened silicone design and honeycomb structure to provide the best padding for your palm and fingers.

This is great for preventing the common palm pain we talked about earlier and preventing potential injuries.


Comfort and Flexibility

Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves feature high-quality elastic cloth to provide comfort and flexibility for your fingers.



The palm exterior of these gloves features non-slip ultra-fiber. This makes them a solid choice for grip.


Customer Reviews

Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves are very well reviewed at 4.3 stars based on 1,100 reviews. Let’s take a look at what some people have said about them:

“The gloves are very good quality. It has a suede-like material on the exterior that is very nice to the touch. The honeycomb grips on the palm do a great job providing grip. The gloves feel very well made.”

“These gloves are great. Price was great, gloves fit nice, and I can use my phone fine with them on. There is padding on the palm with grips which is really nice.”

“Very inexpensive, lightweight, and highly ventilated. They fit me perfectly and are nicely padded and grippy in key areas. Well thought out and stylish gloves.”


The Bottom Line(s)

Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves are really solid all-round but I think their best feature is the top-quality padding and support they provide.

You should buy Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves if you struggle with palm pain during workouts (especially at such an affordable price).

best weight lifting gloves



Best Workout Gloves for CrossFit (Men & Women)

best weight lifting gloves

We’re going back to Fit Active Sports Gloves for the best workout gloves for CrossFit.

CrossFit is all about high-reps so you’re looking for versatile gloves, not gloves like Grip Power Pads or gloves with hooks for deadlifts.

Fit Active Sports Gloves provide excellent grip, wrist support, protection against calluses, and are very breathable to avoid sweat issues.



Best Gloves for Pull Ups (Men & Women)

I want to include pull ups as a category because they’re one of the most common reasons why people buy workout gloves. But I could have included it in the CrossFit category, to be honest, as they do feature heavily in CrossFit-type workouts.

As I’m sure you can guess… yes, I’m again going to recommend Fit Active Sports Gloves! They’re the best gloves for pull ups (and other bodyweight exercises included in CrossFit workouts).

best weight lifting gloves



Best Workout Gloves with Hooks (Men & Women)

Let’s finish up today with the best workout gloves with hooks.

Who are these type of gloves for?

While they can be used for dumbbell and barbell types exercise, workout gloves with hooks are definitely more for those of you who do powerlifting.

I’m talking mainly about deadlifts. But they’re also great for exercises like shrugs and bent over rows.

Deadlifts are probably the worst exercise for your hands. Your grip will slip and you’ll get severe calluses if you don’t use gloves or chalk.

Workout gloves with hooks are particularly beneficial for deadlifting because they hook under the bar to support the pulling motion.


Cobra Grips Pro – $29.95

best weight lifting gloves

Cobra Grips Pro are the best workout gloves with hooks by a big margin. I’d highly recommend them if you do deadlifts.

Let’s take a look at the benefits.


Alleviates Wrist Pressure

Cobra Grips Pro are different from lifting straps because they enable the weight your lifting to rest on the base of your hand.

Lifting straps can put the pressure on your wrists, which can cause various long-term issues.



The gloves have been designed to enable you to lift heavy weights without losing your grip.



Cobra Grips Pro feature thick padding to prevent calluses.


Wrist Support

The gloves also feature built-in wrist support to support heavy lifting.


Customer Reviews

Cobra Grips Pro have  afantastic 4.7 stars based on 1,500 reviews. Let’s take a look at what some people have said:

“These grips are great! Incredible functionality, cool design, very durable. Overall great purchase!”

“These lifting gloves are a game charger. I’m decently strong but have always had issues with my wrists and hands. No matter how much I lift, my grip just doesn’t seem to be on par, well at least not when it comes to dead-lifts. These gloves perfectly compensate for the lack of grip and truly allow my whole body to work.”

“I’ve been using these gloves for months now and have zero complaints! I use them almost exclusively for deadlifting. My double overhand grip strength starts to give out around 250 lbs and I really dislike mixed grip, and my baby manlet hands make hook grip very difficult. Also, I don’t particularly enjoy ripping the calluses from my hand and leaving holes behind in my palm, so, enter the Cobra Grips PRO!”


The Bottom Line(s)

I prefer using chalk for deadlifts if I’m being completely honest. But if I were to use gloves I would definitely buy Cobra Grips Pro

There simply aren’t any better workout gloves with hooks available on the market.

They are suitable for both men and women.

best weight lifting gloves


So there we have the 6 best weight lifting gloves to buy in 2020!

Thanks for reading!

Get in touch if you have any questions or want personalized 1-to-1 advice.